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January 30, 2012

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought this page was appropriate.

I was talking to my Aunt yesterday and she was talking about how the men in romance novels don't exist. And while I agree with that statement, I don't want to say romance is lost...I think it's just different.

I find that Ryan and I are unique in that way. I think all couples are. What qualifies as romance, depends on who you are romancing :)

Ryan brings home diet coke & dinner plans, rather than flowers and candy. Quality conversation is often found while doing chores or driving around town to keep Zoe asleep. Date nights are often spent on the couch watching re-runs of Better off Ted or How I met your Mother, with a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Ryan has also been in the habit lately of making breakfast on the weekends and letting me sleep in.

I've been a busy bee lately, working on pages and a new quilt, I'm using a timer to keep me productive. You'd be amazed at that simple motivation.

Do you use anything to keep yourself on task, even when you're doing fun project? I'd love to hear some new ideas.

Holly & Co.


Unknown said...

Holly I LOVE this layout, too cute!!! Started following you thanks to your post on the SC boards and just adore it!

Kelly said...

I definitely need to use a timer. Got carried away trying to get through my quilt and almost forgot to pick up the kids.
Super sweet layout too Holly xxx

Claire T said...

What a beautiful layout! The timer idea is a great one. I need to apply it when choosing supplies I think otherwise I send more time going through my stash than creating!

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