Faux Frappe'

February 13, 2012

Our little cupcake shop in town doesn't just have cupcakes - they have blended drinks, hot chocolate, and now ice cream. My friend, Karli, introduced me to their cold blending cocoa drinks, which are delish!

But at over $3.00 a piece, it's hard to splurge as often as I would like. And....they are made with half & half, which isn't waistline friendly - so I attempted to recreate my own version.

I'm happy to say it was very successful!

Here are the basic ingredients:
2 Cups pebble ice (I bought mine from sonic, 10 lbs. for $1.49)
1/2 C. milk (I used 1%)
3 heaping tablespoons chocolate drink mix ( I used carnation instant breakfast)

This is the fun part - you can now add any number of things to adjust the flavor.
add 2 TB. peppermint coffee creamer = Chocolate Peppermint
4 Tsp. Torini caramel sryup + a pinch of sea salt = Salted Caramel

and those are just the versions I've tried in the past week...

Blend until icy.


Jenni S. said...

Is it really 12 cups of ice? Or is that a typo? I don't think my blender holds that much, but I haven't tried to make it yet, and I'm sure it would crunch down...

Shellye McDaniel said...

mmmm, I'll have to try this!

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