The Best Kind of Day

March 4, 2012

This is the best part about having kids.
These silly and sweet pictures of me and Zoe at lunch yesterday.
I pulled out my phone to take a picture for Project Life and she asked if we could take some silly pictures - and this is what we ended up with.

Zoe and I spent the day together bumming around town, our list was long but we got everything done. Including picking up some cinnamon swirl bread from Great Harvest - Yum!

After our errands, Zoe took a quick nap and I finished up this project I have been working on.

I found this house shadow box at DI for less than a dollar and I have just been waiting to be inspired to use it. I used mostly October Afternoon's Farmhouse line (which I love!) and a few other odds and ends.

 In the evening, Ryan and I were able to attend the temple for the first time in too long. We even enjoyed a little dinner afterwards. Thanks so much to my friend Noelle for babysitting - Zoe had tons of fun.

I was exhausted by the time I got Zoe in bed - busy day, but it was wonderful. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend too. What is your idea of the best day?

Holly & Co.


Jen said...

So cute pics of you and Zoe!

Annie Rose said...

Your little house is darling! I, too, found a little house almost exactly like this at the D.I. last Summer and it's been waiting to get all done up! Thanks for the awesome inspiration! :)

-Annie Rose

Michelle Hernandez said...

I LOVE it!!!! That OA line is perfect for this- the colors and patterns are so pretty! I'm still trying to locate some of those here in NYC- I used to se them but perhaps no one was buying because they are gone now. Will have to go online. Great details in the cubbies- I did a similar project a while ago and it scared me at first but now I love the opportunity to use up my button stash and put it on display.

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