Lightroom Love

May 18, 2012

This post is a little like the Wizard of Oz pulling back the curtain - I just have to share my love for Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a photo-editing software, to use in companion with Photoshop. You can download the trial version from the Adobe website - good for 30 days.

 My favorite thing is being able to create your own presets. Basically, I edit the first photo, from the same session, then create a preset for that session and can apply it to all the other photos with one click!

My trial version expires in 5 days, and I'm really thinking I'm gonna need to bite the bullet and buy this program .

I was lucky that Zoe was smiling. These photos were actually taken at mid-day (the worst time, light wise) and thankfully with the shade of the neighboring apartment building, they turned out ok.

I love her messy hair and bubble covered pants. So authentic to her. 

If you haven't ever tried Lightroom, I would suggest you download it and take a gander. I think at this point I prefer it over photoshop.

Holly & Co.


Jen said...

I bought it at the end of February and LOVE it! I bought v. 3 though and now v. 4 is out, but for a little over $100, it was totally worth it.

It's what Meghan uses on her photos too.

Nina Yang said...

Beautiful photos!

ClaireTet said...

Such lovely photos of your gorgeous girl!

Keshet said...

LOVE the photos! May have to try lightroom:)

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