The Holidays + a Giveaway!

December 28, 2012

I seem to let blogging go around the holidays, even though I have so much to blog about, I end up being busy doing things instead of writing about them. We've spent the past couple weeks with family, celebrating holidays, birthdays and enjoying some down time. We'll be back to normal life in about a week or so, but in the meantime.....
I have a great treat for those of you who have stuck around.

Thanks to my new DT spot over at Simple Scrapper, I have a great giveaway from Big Picture Classes!!!

One person will win a spot in Tracey Clark's class, "Art of Composition" (standard edition)
Class details below

The Art of Composition
12 weeks of capturing compelling images taught by Tracey Clark

Starts 1/3/2013

Class Description
Are you ready to see a dramatic improvement in your photographs? Tracey Clark, professional
photographer and founder of Shutter Sisters, kicks off our 2013 4Experts series with The Art of
Composition, a 12-week journey into one of the most important fundamentals of photography-
namely, composition.
No matter what kind of photography you enjoy, The Art of Composition will change how you
look at the world around you while teaching you about line, shadow, shape, focus, negative
space, balance, color and more!
This highly sought-after class is back again in two versions:
● Our Standard version, the original class that delighted hundreds of students during its
first run, is open for unlimited enrollment. You'll enjoy all of Tracey's original content
(weekly lessons, video instruction, rich imagery, creative exercises, and challenges), plus
access to a rich and vibrant community of fellow classmates.

I'm super excited about this class. It will be my first official photography class, and I can't wait to get started on it! This giveaway is only open until the 1st of January, so make sure to enter quick!

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Holly & Co.


Rossana said...

very interesting class! I can improve my photos!

Siri Fjørtoft, kaBoks said...

I would love to take this class and have been trying to find a way to afford it. Unfortunatly is out of my budget at the moment. I really want to learn more about photography, and I think Tracy would be a wonderful tacher!

Brooke said...

Wow, thank you so much for the chance to win. I could never afford to take this class, so getting a chance to win a spot is amazing. Thank you!

julie e said...

I'd love a chance to take this class. My husband takes great pictures, but they tend to capture things,not moments. I like to take photos that capture moments, relationships, etc but an a lousy photographer.

Aly Willis said...

I would love a spot, seems like it would help broaden my horizons and help me grow as a photographer. Great giveaway! :-)

Jennifer Chapin said...

So awesome Holly! Would love to win! Thank you!

Unknown said...

i would love to be able to take my photos to a new level. thanks for the chance!

sylv said...

Just what I need! Thanx for the chance to win!

Jane said...

This looks like an amazing class by such a talented teacher. Just what I need to kick up my photos a notch for the new year ahead.

Ellie said...

OH this has been a dream class of mine. I love Tracy & I can not even say how excited & happy it would be to win this amazing opportunity. Thanks so much for the chance.

Bev M said...

Wow, this sounds like an amazing class. I would love a chance to take it.

Susan said...

I would love the chance to take this class so I can improve my photos!

ArlaMo said...

I've taken a couple of Tracey's classes and love her. Her composition is inspiring - I'd love to take the class :)

Unknown said...

I'd love to be able to take part in this class! Sounds amazing! Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot!

Unknown said...

I would really love to take this class and learn how to take better photos. I love that Tracey makes it relevant to both big and small camera's (based on what she said on PRT) but i cant afford it at the moment, so I would really love to win a spot!!

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