The Lattice Quilt

December 6, 2012

Finally! It's finished! It only took about 8 months :)

I finally finished the quilt I'd envisioned for Zoe's room, and I made a matching pillow case to go with it. We're working right now to rearrange and organize her room. I'm hoping early next year we can move her out of the crib/toddler bed and into a twin, which will open up her room nicely. I added some vinyl and cloth butterflies I got on clearance this summer.

I adore the way this quilt turned out, but next time I attempt something this difficult, I will use a pattern. All the math was overwhelming, especially because I was measuring on the diagonal and I haven't been in a math class since my junior year of high school (that's about to change in 4 week, yikes!)

I made the pillowcase out of the backing and binding fabrics, so they do actually match.

I do plan on writing up a pattern at some point, but there is a MUCH smaller version of the quilt available HERE

Holly & Co.


Unknown said...

That quit is so amazing! ^_^ I envy your quilt making talent! lol

Unknown said...

I love the quilt! ^_^

Gary and Natalie Pratt said...

Wow! It turned out awesome! I need you to teach me the hand-quilting part. I love it!

liz mataraza said...

wow! that is beautiful!

Jen said...

It's beautiful Holly!!

Julie said...

Great job Holly! I'm sure Zoe loves it too~

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