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March 31, 2012

Last night - I hit a breaking point and I was just done being on demand. I locked myself in my craft room - trying to recoup from the day. I pulled out my March Studio Calico kit - which has already seen a lot of use, but I wanted to try and use up some scraps before my next box arrives.

I wanted to use up the cute little strips on the edges of the Crate Storyteller papers, so I decided to make a card. I also wanted to use my new light bulb stamp, that I won in a giveaway last week.

This is what I came up with.

If you don't have a light bulb stamp, here are some Silhouette images that you could use instead:


If you would like to download the template, you can do here: DOWNLOAD. This is a print and cut template.

If you need a print and cut tutorial, Vanessa has some great video tutorials and freebies, you can visit her blog HERE

Thanks for stopping by today.

Holly & Co.

Needing Color

March 29, 2012

Berries & My favorite bowl from Anthropologie

It's spring - but our world up here in Idaho is still kind of dead and in need of some color.
Ryan brought home some berries from the stores yesterday, we've been enjoying the welcome color in our snack bowls :)
(After I took this picture, I added greek yogurt and some almonds - but it wasn't nearly as pretty)

I've been making some changes for myself, which has left me with little creative and blogging time. But, I'm settling into a routine incorporating my new changes, and I should be back to my normal creative mode soon.

Zoe and I took a trip to the thrift store the other day and I picked up a few things to alter, and debated buying a gorgeous tie quilt. It was $15 and I just couldn't justify it, since I have 2 quilt tops unfinished as well as fabric for 4 other quilts ready to be sewn. But it would have been beautiful for picnics. If I go back next week and it's still there - I might just have to snag it!

Also, with the weather and season changes, I'm itching to start planting. I am not one who possesses a green thumb, but I'm gonna give it a shot this year. I found THIS POST on Apartment Therapy, about growing in old muffin tins - and I think that's how I'm going to grow herbs this year.

photo from apartment therapy
Do you have any gardening experience? I would really love some tips. My grandparent's are amazing gardeners, but they have a HUGE garden plot to work with. We have very little space, so tips for small areas or inside growing would be awesome. Maybe I'll get gutsy and try a tomato plant :)

Holly & Co.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

March 26, 2012

We had such a great time at the wedding on Friday night. It was beautiful and I'm so happy we were able to go. We got to see lots of old friends and catch up, as well as enjoy some delicious food.

Last week, while roaming around Wal-Mart - which I do fairly often - I saw some kites for $1.97. I picked up a Cinderella one for Zoe. My parent's house is probably one of the top 10 windiest places in the US, so I knew if the kite was going to work, it would work there.

As you can see by the picture - it worked. It worked really well, even for a relatively non-windy day.

Zoe had so much fun seeing it so high in the sky.

Sunday we got a chance to see Ryan's sister and her family while they were visiting some other family in Ogden. Zoe and Luke had tons of fun playing outside, while Jen and I got to catch up.

I love that Utah is a central place for so many of our family and friends, it means we get to see them more often :)

I got some happy mail today, and I'm super excited to spend some time crafting tonight.

I'm also super excited I have a layout featured over on the Cosmo Cricket Blog - You can check it out here.

Come back tomorrow for a yummy recipe!

Holly & Co.

Scrapbook & Cards Today- Spring Issue

March 23, 2012

To say that I'm excited that I have a page in the spring issue of Scrapbook & Cards today, is a BIG understatment.

I really love this magazine, and even better it's FREE. If you want to check out the new issue - Go HERE.
 (Zoe is on page 52, and I love the comment about Zoe's cheeks :)

In other news, I'm finally feeling better, and we decided to make our trek down to Utah for a wedding reception tonight. Zoe and I both got new dresses for the occassion/Easter, and someone is SO excited she can hardly wait the 3 more hours until the "party."

I left all my craft stuff at home and I'm kinda sad about that. I always seem to get the crafting bug when I come down here.

Have a great weekend,
Holly & Co.


March 21, 2012

It's been several years since I hopped on a plane for a reason other than seeing family, which don't get me wrong is awesome. But - I miss travelling. Before Ryan and I got married, I worked for a real estate auction company, and I got to do a bit of travelling on their dime (is there any better way?)

After seeing THIS POST by Kelly Purkey, I decided I wanted to write down some places that I haven't yet had a chance to visit, but really want to go. I've never been outside the US, except in utero, so my list is rather long.

I'm hoping that as we get a little older, and a little more settled, Ryan and I will have the chance to travel together. We've made plans to go to California this summer and are tossing around the idea of a road trip, to stop at a few places we really want to see - we might even throw in a day at Disneyland, if we can swing it.

Well I've managed to contract strep and an ear infection on top of pink eye, so I'm off to bed a bit earlier than usual.

Holly & Co

Some good mixed in

March 19, 2012

We have pink eye.
Yep. Yuck is right. Thankfully the antibiotics are doing their job, and we are quickly on the mend.

But the bright side of that - is 48 hours forced to be at home, which means I've been getting a few projects done.

I made this page a few days ago, still nursing my Studio Calico March kit, Story Hour. I added a few things from my stash - some SMASH paper pad pieces. I'm super excited for the new stuff to come out, especially this tape.
I know Cassie, at Paper Issues has ordered the new SMASH, it should be arriving soon. 
Another thing I wanted to share, because you are a reader of my blog, Cassie has given me a discount code to share with you, and it don't expire!
So to save 20% on your entire order at the Paper Issues Shop, use the code HOLLYH.
Cassie is getting in new releases almost daily, and she ships SUPER fast!
There's a link in my sidebar with my discount code - or you can visit the shop HERE.

Finally, one last project to share today. I bought the majority of this fabric last summer, when my in-laws were visiting and I was planning a big king sized quilt for our bed. Ryan and I found a different bed spread we liked better, so the fabric got put away in my craft closet. 

A couple weeks ago, I discovered I had enough to make a throw sized quilt in the closet and started working on it. I used this pattern my Cluck,Cluck, Sew called Easy Bake.

I really like her patterns, this is the second one I've purchased and the instructions and illustrations are very clear. I would recommend this for a beginning quilter, just straight lines and straight cuts.

This make two quilt tops that are finished. Now I just need to get motivated to finished the backing and binding. That part is the less fun part - but unfortunately, required :)

I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week.

Holly & CO.

A Little More of Me

March 18, 2012

A week ago - I was sitting in church in my parent's congregation, and was hit with an overwhelming sense of inspiration. From that, I created a new blog to share my thoughts and insights on taking care of the three different  parts, to create a better whole self.

I've been developing it over the last week or so - it's still not 100% what I want it to be, but I've been so anxious to share this new venture with my friends and family.

It's located at - and I've got a link on the side of this blog. I also have created a button - if you would like to add it to your own blog.

Please head over and have a look around. Leave comments letting me know what you think, anything you would like to see, etc.

Holly & Co.

Wild Child

March 14, 2012

Yep, she's mine. Without a doubt.

I cut Zoe's hair this afternoon - and I wanted to get some new pictures of her cute hair and this is what I got.

I'm pretty happy I got some of her in focus. I made that skirt for her on Monday, using THIS TUTORIAL and she's been begging to wear it.

What outfit isn't complete without Mardi Gras beads?

And this is what happens to her cute hair after running around for 20 minutes. Sigh - Better luck next time.

Holly & CO.

Best of Friends

March 13, 2012

These two are so funny together.
Even if we never have a little boy - I think the relationship between Ryan and Zoe will make up for that a little bit.

They like to wrestle together.

They watch Thunder Cats together.

They build Lego swords and duel.

They both a good bodily function joke.

They both love beef.

They build marble tracks together.

When I explain Zoe's personality to people - the best description I can come up for is, "Zoe's perfect day would be playing the in the sand and dirt, while wearing a princess dress and glittery make-up."

I'm just adoring this March kit from Studio Calico - typically, their March kits are not my favorite upon site, but when I start working with them, I make my most favorite layouts.

Here is another pages I made about these two. I used one of my stamps from the Encyclopedia add-on kit to make my background using the JBS inks weathervane and malked milk.

Thanks for stopping by.

Holly & Co.

Sittin' Waitin' Wishin'

March 12, 2012

I hesitate to write about really personal things on my blog - but it's therapeutic for me, so here it goes.

We just passed month 6 of trying to get pregnant - and my body played quite a mean trick on me. I thought for awhile, this might just be it, but I was wrong. I know 6 months is nothing compared to some people's struggles, and my heart goes out to them, this up and down emotional wave I'm riding, it very difficult for me. I handled it best than most months, but I still had one bad day. A day where I didn't go home, just because I didn't want to be alone.

I happen to live in a town full of young families and crawling with babies. Which some days adds salt to the wound. Zoe has started asking for a little brother - that isn't helping.

But I've reconciled for the next little while, I'm going to focus on some other things. When I was cleaning out my craft closet, I discovered enough fabric for 3 more quilts and several skirts or dresses for Zoe. I figure between those and a bookcase full of scrapbook supplies - I should be able to keep busy.

I have faith my turn will come - but patience isn't a virtue of mine, so I'm going to do my best to get better at waiting. So for now, I'm just waiting....

Holly & Co.

This Guy...

March 11, 2012

This is one of my new favorite pictures - Ryan is laughing because I told him I wanted to take a picture of him looking natural. This is the result - and it's perfect.

We've been gone for 3.5 days now and boy, do I miss this guy. It's amazing that we survived 9 months apart while dating and engaged, really I'm not sure how I survived. (It was probably because I spent a LOT of time at the gym and spent several hours hanging out with Derek and Aaron watching Scrubs and drinking Capri Suns. ) But still, these weekends away sometimes feel harder then that entire 9 months.

I am lucky that when I come home - the house will probably be spotless, he will have done all the laundry and organized several cabinets. I am so lucky to have a guy that isn't afraid to clean :)

This semester has been much more work heavy than the last, meaning we see him less and less. I'm anxiously awaiting the end of the semester when we get to go on a mini vacay and spend some one on one time.

It amazes me how much I can miss Ryan, even when he is at home with me - just busy. I miss the lazy evenings on the couch and eating ice cream together. I miss Saturday lunches and afternoons falling asleep on the couch. I know those things aren't gone forever, but just on hold for now.

Praying for the next 4 weeks to fly on by....

Holly & Co.

This weekend I've been falling in love with the March Studio Calico kit - I've already made 5 pages - this being one of them.

We are down in Utah so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet - hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Welcome Spring!

March 8, 2012

We've been lucky here in southeast Idaho - our winter has been pretty mild and lately, the sun seems to be breaking through the clouds more often.

In anticipation, I thought a little retail therapy was in order, and purchased this gorgeous dress from Down East . I'm not sure how much I love the pink tie - but it's removable so that good. 
I love the vintage feel and it differs from the other things in my closet (which are all solids or stripes - literally)

I've been searching YouTube for some vintage hairstyle tutorials - and maybe I can convince Aly to help me with a vintage style photoshoot - wouldn't that be fun?!?

I made this quick little card for a friend whose baby shower I'm going to miss this weekend. I adore these die cuts from my mind's eye - I think I'll be picking up a few more in the near future.

Hope you're having a fabulous day!
Holly & CO.

Bright, Sun-Shiney Day

March 5, 2012

Today was the first day in a long while, that we felt the sunshine. It was 50 degrees today - although still windy, but we couldn't pass up this opportunity to visit the park, considering it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

Pigtails + wind = crazy hair, but look at that smile!

When we first got to the park Zoe just ran around the open field - just enjoying being outside out 1000 sq. foot apartment. We still came home a little soggy and a little muddy but it was worth it for sure!

Last night I couldn't resist scrapping these photos of me and Zoe. They are some of my favorites.

 I used my February Studio Calico kit ,along with some extra Dear Lizzy (including that awesome date stamp) and the Studio Calico Project Life stamps -more of my favorites.

I'm hoping to snag a mommy-daughter photo shoot with my dear friend Aly, sometime in the near future, so I can have lots of these fun photos. I'm pretty sure these snapshots are going to end up framed and in her room - I love them that much.

We've got a low key menu for this evening, including some banana bread, which we're making for Family Home Evening, along with our lesson on manners, complete with writing thank you cards.

Holly & Co.

The Best Kind of Day

March 4, 2012

This is the best part about having kids.
These silly and sweet pictures of me and Zoe at lunch yesterday.
I pulled out my phone to take a picture for Project Life and she asked if we could take some silly pictures - and this is what we ended up with.

Zoe and I spent the day together bumming around town, our list was long but we got everything done. Including picking up some cinnamon swirl bread from Great Harvest - Yum!

After our errands, Zoe took a quick nap and I finished up this project I have been working on.

I found this house shadow box at DI for less than a dollar and I have just been waiting to be inspired to use it. I used mostly October Afternoon's Farmhouse line (which I love!) and a few other odds and ends.

 In the evening, Ryan and I were able to attend the temple for the first time in too long. We even enjoyed a little dinner afterwards. Thanks so much to my friend Noelle for babysitting - Zoe had tons of fun.

I was exhausted by the time I got Zoe in bed - busy day, but it was wonderful. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend too. What is your idea of the best day?

Holly & Co.

Washi + Instax = Love

March 2, 2012

I ordered some new washi tape last week and when it arrived yesterday I just had to play with it.
I bought mine from this awesome etsy store  - In The Clear 
Tons and tons of awesome tape - a lot of unique rolls.

Anyway, I snapped this photo with my Instax this week - trying to finish a roll of film and I love it!
We've been spending tons of time together this semester. Ryan's class load keeps him at school most days and nights, so it's usually just me and Zoe hanging out.

Lately, Zoe has been asking me ," Are you my best friend?" and when she is mad at me she says ," You're not my best friend anymore." That's where the title comes from.

I used a mix of October Afternoon Farmhouse and My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart  - along with some mists, washi, and some Silhouette shapes. My subscription to the Silhouette store just reset, along with my new mats getting here - so I have a feeling I'll be using that a lot in the near future :)

The sun is shining today - Zoe and I will probably be playing in the snow this afternoon, while Ryan gets some rest (he's sick today). We have a low key weekend planned - I'm hoping to finish up some craft projects.

Happy Friday!

Holly & Co.
I have loved this "Enjoy Life" sticker since the moment I saw it - but really didn't have a reason to use it.
I thought I'd make it into a card for a friend.
I used the Crate Paper Random line along with a few odds and ends.

Today is was freezing cold and we got a nice big blanket of snow.
The snow subsided for a little while and the sun peaked out, so we all bundled up and went outside to play in the snow. Ryan and Zoe attempted to build another snowman - but we ended up in a snowball fight

She was all smiles!

I finally got my new mats for my Silhouette, so once I get my desk cleaned up - I'm planning on destroying it again making some new pages :)

Holly & Co.

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