Double Scoop Quilt

June 5, 2013

Back today, to share my newest quilt creation....the Double Scoop Quilt! 
I had this idea one night to make ice cream cones on a quilt. Who doesn't like ice cream?
I spent several hours drawing on graph paper and making calculations, and even coloring the pieces in with colored pencils to make sure it would look right. It's definitely a labor of love.

I made it using all solids, which is a first for me, but I think it would just as fun with some patterns thrown into the mix. It's a charm pack friendly quilt, and comes together quickly because of the large block size.

 It is also the first quilt that I've made an official pattern for and it's available in my shop as a PDF download

Thanks for stopping by today! Let me know what you think!

Holly & Co.


Jen said...

Very impressive, Holly!

Julie said...

I'm always amazed at your talent and ability to try things. Quilting is one of those talents. Congrats on your first pattern!

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