Halloween Log Cabin Pillow

October 7, 2013

The front pieced side of this project was also made from the scraps from the Arrow Quilt
The finished case fit an 18 x 18 pillow. For the back I used 1/2 yard of light grey fabric from my stash.

Light blue strips 2" wide 
Spotted strips 3" wide
Patchwork border 1.5" wide.
8 - 3.5"x2.5"x2.5"  triangles

I sewed the triangles together to make the square. Then I sewed the light blue strips on the top, then the bottom. Trimmed to make it even, then sewed light blue strips on the sides. I repeated these steps with each layer. For the backing I cut two pieces 18.5"x11", hemmed one edge of each piece then put them overlapping, right sides together on the front piece. I stitched around the edges, then turned right side out and put in the pillow.

I've never made scrappy pillows before, but Zoe loves that we have the matching quilt and pillow on our couch, perfect for storytime at night.

Holly & Co.


Julie said...

Love it Holly!

Jamie and Preston said...

This is so cute! Feel free to send any overflow projects this way, we are happy to give them a home!

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