Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

November 6, 2013

Our apartment complex has a plethora of leaves right now. I'm not complaining, I love the sound of crunching leaves under my boots and piles of leaves to look at. It's started to get quite crisp around here, I'm enjoying fall fashion, hot chocolate and decorating for the holidays.

Zoe and I spent a little time outside playing in the leaves a few days ago, and she obliged me in throwing some leaves. After seeing these photos, I wanted to enhance them with some digital stamps.

 I made three different styles, and you can easily manipulate the size, color and direction. 

 For personal use only, please. 

Holly & Co.


Isbaha said...

Such beautiful photos !

Amy said...

love those photos, the lighting is perfect!

Keshet said...

So cute!

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