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August 31, 2014

So this weekend we celebrated one month in Texas! It's hard to believe it's been one month. We are getting adjusted. Here's an update about us after one month.

  • Zoe started school last week. She is going to public school, but she wears uniforms, which is awesome! After a little uncertainty on her part, they are turning out to be a non-issue. I can't get over how adorable she looks in them! 

  • I've been working part time at Fort Worth Fabric Studio and I'm loving it! Jodie is fantastic and I look forward to work every day. If you are looking for an online fabric store, her store is great, she makes her own bundles and kits as well.
  • I have grown a mild obsession with Trader Joe's. I mean I liked it before, but now that I have one less than 5 miles, I'm there like twice a week. (Mostly because Ryan goes through so much of their jalapeno and cilantro hummus) But yeah, serious love for TJ's.  
  • It is still hot. We are still going to the pool several times a week, much to Zoe's joy! While I'm pumping the house full of cinnamon/pumpkin scents, just dreaming of pulling out my sweaters and boots. I'm still a long ways off from being able to wear them....or so I've been told.
  • There are SO many kinds of bugs here. Also, I was introduced to fire ants this week (thanks Jodie!) Giant moths and cicadas roam around outside, while mosquitoes are sneaky and find a way inside our house. 
  • We went to the movies yesterday and our theater offered a full service menu. We are talking burgers, skewers, cheesecake, etc. Apparently that is a thing here. It a genius idea, I just wish we had known before we had gone....I wouldn't have eaten lunch at home.
Check back for more Texas updates!

Holly & Co.

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Fort Worth Fabric Studio said...

Holly - I love having you at FWFS! Love your energy & smile every day! I'm glad you're liking Texas. :) --Jodie

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