School Pictures | Through the Years

October 15, 2014

Each year after school starts, I receive the inevitable envelope for school pictures. Each year I'm faced with the struggling decision to purchase pictures or not.

I know I can take better pictures, but I kind of love the look of official school pictures. 
I can't help it, and I always end up buying just a few.

I love to see the progression over just the last couple of years. It's amazing how just two years makes a world of difference

Do you order school pictures?

Holly & Co.

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Unknown said...

I always think the same thing & then order some anyway. There is something about about awkwardness of school pics that just screams CHILDHOOD! My kiddos have pictures today & order a pretty small pack, just a few sizes to scrap or put in PL or on over my desk & a few to give away to the grandparents.

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