Texas | Three Months

October 29, 2014

Wow, that went by fast. I wanted to post a quick update from our three months in Texas!

  • Things still feel partially unsettled here, I feel like we just haven't hit our groove quite yet. We're still adjusted to Ryan's funky work schedule and trying to fit in homework, the Y, and dinner all before 7:30p. Most nights, we are unsuccessful. But that's ok.
  • It's still not Fall here. And by Fall, I mean sweater weather. Not a single hot chocolate has been drunk. Not a scarf worn. . We've got some falling leaves and I might even be able to get a fall photo or two soon, but I'm disappointed it's still hot.
  • I love my job! The more I work there, the longer I realize that there was most likely divine intervention with me getting this job. It is just so perfect.
  • We've started a new tradition. Almost every week, we try a new BBQ place. I'm thinking we need to make a score card or something to bring with us. Ryan and I don't agree on our favorite place for BBQ, so we're still searching for a place we both just love.
  • I posted this photo on instagram, but on my way to work every day I see this utility boxes painted to look like famous cowboys. This man is Roy Rogers. I looked it up and apparently there are 13 total in the area. I think this might becoming a scavenger hunt for us to do one day.

  • My sister moved to Lubbock, TX a few weeks ago. It's still 5 hours away, but it's nice to have family in the same state. We are planning another visit next month to celebrate my niece's birthday. 
Check back for more Texas updates!

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