About Me

My story starts in Colorado. I wasn't born there, but I grew up there, and call that place home. I'm a middle child, with two sisters and one brother.

I started scrapbooking in middle school and that's when my crafting began. I started like most, with Creative Memories. I expanded from there in high school, when I got a job at a local scrapbooking store. My love for paper and patterns grew there, and I was introduced into the wonderful world of crafting.

I met my husband a year out of high school and we've *mostly* been together ever since. I won't bore you with the details of our love story, but we were married in 2007, in Sacramento, CA.

Quite by surprise, and irony, we welcome Zoe to our family just a year and two days later. I added irony, because if you read this blog for very long, you will realize for the last 4 years we've been suffering with infertility and recurrent miscarriage. This has been very difficult for our family, but we are working through it.

Zoe is the light of our lives and we are blessed every day to have her with us.

In addition to scrapbooking, I love to sew, mostly quilt. Since moving to Texas, I've been working part time at Fort Worth Fabric Studio, which is only fueling my fabric love. I make quilts, clothes and other stitched projects.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading a bit about me and my family. Enjoy!

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